About Events - hosting, organising, attending, and making suggestions

In addition to suggesting events for the organisers to put on, members are welcome to and are encouraged to host events and become part of 'the team'. Our only stipulation (to maintain our high standard) is the understanding that anyone hosting an event represents the group as a whole. Therefore potential event hosts must first be a regular event attendee and be well known to the organisers.

The group owner has final say about membership of the group and events posted.

We do not endorse events that appear to be promoting a cause or own business.

No Show Policy

Inactive members

The organising team reserve the right to remove inactive members (i.e over a year with out attending/RSVPing to an event) from the group.

There may be genuine reasons for this and anyone remove are welcome to rejoin.

Car sharing

Car sharing is encouraged amongst people who have met through the group. Please use common sense about offering lifts to people

 We do have a majority of female members and don't want anyone to feel intimidated in any way by members actions or about coming to events.

Behaviour towards others

The management reserve the right to ban any member who does abide to the highest standard of behaviour towards fellow members. Any suspicious behaviour reported in neighbouring groups will be taken into consideration.

Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership. A nominal charge of £3.00 (plus PayPal fee) is levied to each member on an annual basis to cover the running costs of the group. This can be paid in person, by bank trasnfer to a dedicated account or by PayPal.

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